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1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13


*Plus off-site guided news reporting

at BAL's

"The Great American Songbook" Cabaret the weekend of 2/7-2/9

PACTV Studios

   4 Collins Avenue

Plymouth, MA


Tuition: $295

Break A Leg Theatre Works On Camera Reporting & Storytelling techniques

The 4 week session will cover several areas of reporting & storytelling styles:

Week 1: Direct to camera basics - This class will cover the basics on how to read from a teleprompter. The students will gain insight on breathing, pacing, facial expression and physical composure when delivering teleprompter copy. This will be a single camera and prompter class that focuses on the basics of delivering copy of different styles.

Week 2: Program hosting and interviewing - This class will build upon the previous class of direct to camera basics. The students will be broken into couplets; one being an anchor and the other a guest. (Then trade off) The multiple camera shoot with teleprompter will allow students to gain insight on finding their camera, keeping time, active listening while still employing the skills of breathing, pacing, facial expression and physical composure.


Week 3: Storytelling - This class will be on your feet! As well as building upon skills learned in previous classes, this class will allow students to gain insight on how to stay in frame, how to use their bodies in a tone and style appropriate manner for their copy and of course use some drama skills while still being informative! The students will practice storytelling in two formats: Scripted and timed unscripted extemporaneous. The goal of practicing the storytelling in two formats is to train students to think quick on their feet and keep their message to a five minute time frame. This will be a multiple camera shoot with teleprompter.

In between week 3-4:  Field work - Students will get a chance to practice their skills out on field! Students will have the option to report their interviews and stories at Break a Leg's production of "The Great American Songbook - A Cabaret!) on January 7th, 8th, or 9th. (Students performing in this production will also be eligible to participate in this class & off-site work). Teacher Maureen Boyle will be there to help & guide students in their off-site reporting.  Maureen will then edit the footage from these shoots for the final critique class. 


Week 4: This class will be a review of their stories and the review of the sessions from Classes 1-3. Students will be able to watch the edited footage of their field reporting for final critique. Footage may be used on Break a Leg's Social Media!