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Private Coachings

Do you have an audition coming up for your school drama club? Are you preparing a college audition for a performance arts program? Do you desire to have new music and monologues for your repertoire book? Are you hoping to add more nuance to your acting through script analysis and song lyric interpretation? Then our private coaching sessions are for you! You’ll work exclusively with BAL Directors Kyle & Healy for one hour each week on material picked just for you, or of your choosing. The curriculum is uniquely individualized and every student will leave with new material to add to their repertoire. Students may spend a half hour with Healy on their monologue, and then a half hour with Kyle on their song. The next week it may be reversed. They may even have both directors for an hour and/or work with another student who shares the time slot on a duet or scene. The coachings are open to all interested students and no previous experience is needed, just a desire and curiosity to learn. Private coaching sessions with Kyle and Healy are not only awesome because they infuse the same passion and focus on each individual student as they do in all other aspects BAL programming, but because students will leave inspired and enlightened!