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Calling all BAL veteran performers ages 12-18! Break a Leg is seeking 12 actors to travel with us on location to Florida this coming February 2-5th to headline the Education First High School Exchange Year Annual National Conference. You must be a BAL student who has been enrolled in BAL programming sometime within the last 3 years to be eligible to apply.

  • Must submit an audition video of a brief musical theater song with an introduction answering the following questions: name, age, grade, and role(s) auditioning for.

  •   Video submissions are due by November 1st at midnight  


Performance Details 


THEME: The American High School Experience, at EF High School

STORY LINE: EF High School student council is looking to bring exchange students to their school for the start of next year. Most of the EFHS students and staff know how beneficial it is to globalize their school and community. Unfortunately they have a very stubborn principal who does not like change and is very much against the idea.


Featuring EF First staff members in the roles of: Principal, Class President,Honor Society President, Basketball Coach,
Band director, Cheerleading Coach/ Captain, and Theater Director, along with Students from Break a Leg Theater Works!


Liesel Pioneer (Foreign Exchange Student, approx age 12-14): is a student visiting the United States of America for the first time. (Country of origin will be determined when the actor is cast). She is overwhelmed and excited by all of the people she is meeting on her first day of touring prospective highschool. She is eager to join some extracurricular activities at whatever new high school she gets accepted to knowing they will look good on her college applications, she is very inclined in the arts as a singer and dancer. She plays tennis, and also she sings. Must act, sing, and dance well. 


André Cosmos (Foreign Exchange Student,approx age 12-14): is a student visiting the United States of America for the first time. (Country of origin will be determined when the actor is cast). He is excited and over eager to pick a highschool to play either Basketball or American football at. He also is interested in biology and sang in the glee club at his last high school. Must act, sing, and dance well. 

Roy Nolton (Troy Bolton type, approx age 14-18): The most popular kid at EFHS, is the star of the basketball team who yearns to be more than what people want him to be. He is: athletic, independent, sometimes shy, sometimes over confident. He is a natural born leader. Must sing and dance well.

Isabella Cortez (Gabriella Montez type, approx age 14-18): A relatively new student at EFHS (Education First High School), Isabella is kind,  intelligent, shy, with a fierce independence and vulnerability. She has an amazing vocal ability. Must act, sing, and dance well. 

Saylor McKinnie (Taylor McKessie type, approx age 14-18): The head Brainiac of the school, is the president of the Science Club. She wants all new students to join the Science Decathlon team so they can finally win the competition. Taylor has a hidden soft spot for Thad, which might be why she is always making fun of him. Must act,sing, and dance well.

Star Legend (Sharpay Evans type, approx age 14-18): Star is the egocentric star of the school musicals. She is Bryan's older twin (and the alpha dog of the two) and has a mad crush on Roy. Star has never met a mirror she didn't like. Look for someone who can portray a diva and has solid acting chops and strong singing and dancing skills. Star knows how to work a crowd. Must act, sing, and dance well.

Bryan Legend (Ryan Evans type, approx age 14-18): Bryan is Star’s fraternal twin and a star in the making. This character loves singing, dancing and lots of attention. He follows Star’'s orders, but wants to break free from her shadow.  Everything Bryan does is calculated and executed impeccably. Must act, sing, and dance well.

Thad Darmouth (Chad Danforth type, approx age 14-18): Thad is a popular jock, second in command to Roy. He is focused on winning his school's basketball championship, but is slowly understanding that there might be more to this world, including his sparring crush on Saylor. Must act, sing, and dance well.

Jake Taylor (Zeke Baylor type,approx age 14-18): Jake is a basketball player on the Wildcats Team. He has two secrets: a crush on Star and a love for baking! Jake and Thad are the most prominent of Roy's friends. Must act, sing, and dance well.

Chelsi Ivorys (Kelsi Nielsen type,approx age 14-18): Chelsi is a thespian rehearsal pianist and student composer extraordinaire. Underneath her shy demeanor, has no tolerance for people (like Star!) who use their talent only to be number one. Must act, sing, and dance well.


Kyle Healy (Jack Scott type,approx age 12-14): is the nerdy school announcer who trips over his own feet. Think about casting a student who will make this role his own and can portray a "gift of gab" radio voice. Jack can be quirky in all aspects: looks, dress and comportment. Must act, sing and dance well.

Barbara Fox (Martha Cox type, approx age 12-14): is a proud member of the Science Club and is brainy with a secret love of dancing. She has a fun-loving sidekicky personality and becomes an adoring devotee of Isabella. She is kind and funny. Must act, sing and dance well.

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