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The Break a Leg Content Club


The Break a Leg Content Club (BALCC) is an internal program that will feature Break a Leg students on our official social platforms and gain worldwide exposure from a reputable Instagram account. 

Student Benefit

Through engaging in and submitting content to BALCC, the student can benefit from:

  • Worldwide exposure (videos can gain traction and potentially go viral).

  • Gaining fans/followers on their existing personal social media accounts.

  • Social media content creation experience.

  • Knowledge of industry trends in the Broadway and short-form video space.

  • Live performance experience in addition to a traditional Break a Leg curriculum.

  • Opportunities to win prizes, discounts, and more.



  1. Become a member by clicking the "Join the Club Now" button at the top of this page. Then fill out your information so that you can receive notifications, prompts/ideas for content, and any rewards or prizes you may win.

  2. Come back to this page whenever you are ready to submit videos or photos and click "Submit Content" at the top.



Membership is free and on an opt-in basis. Students will register for the content club using the student’s mobile phone number (or parent’s phone number, but student phone number is preferred). Alternatively, an email address can be used. Weekly notifications containing prompts will be texted and emailed to the students who have opted in (click here to subscribe to notifications). You can unsubscribe and unenroll from BALCC at any time.

Prompts to Get Started

In addition to weekly prompts that are texted to the student's mobile phone, students may submit videos aligned with the following static themes:

  • Current music/dance/acting projects they’re working on

    • Original songs

    • Something currently being produced

    • Covers of trending songs in the Broadway or contemporary space

    • Monologues

    • Lines from a scene from musical/movie

  • Current class assignments they’re working on

  • A day in the life (point-of-view style)

    • A typical Break a Leg student schedule

  • How to land an internship or job

  • Showcasing an amenity or benefit of Break a Leg

  • FAQ or Q&A questions that are answered by students and parents (and potentially staff)

  • Students covering trending Broadway news or reactions to latest news

  • Giving advice for how to succeed at Break a Leg or as a performer as a whole


By submitting your videos and images to BALCC, you are agreeing to give Break a Leg Theater Works the right to use this content across all social media channels, paid marketing campaigns, on our website, and any other necessary places we see fit.
By unenrolling or unsubscribing from BALCC, you agree that Break a Leg Theater Works still retains the right to distribute, modify, edit, broadcast, and advertise the content previously submitted.

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