Setting the Stage

Justin Lahue

August 24, 26, 28

Zoom Video Conference

3-day camp

Ages 12-18+

10:30 AM to 12:00 PM EST

$100 per person
*financial aid available upon request
*special financing available

How do you turn a script into a fully formed world? In this exciting and alluring course, we will go through the process of designing and lighting scenery, creating our own miniature theaters using fundamental stage design principles and hands on craft technique. Guided by our talented BAL Technical Director Justin Lahue, students will be sent basic printable plans for a theater model, which we construct together using paper, glue, and cardboard. This serves as the base for the final sessions, where each student selects a show (a small list will be provided) and creates their own miniature set using the principles and lessons taught from earlier sessions. Students will gain a great appreciation for the creative process used to get a cohesive vision to the stage while bringing their own creative perspective to the design.


Justin Lahue

Justin Lahue is a scenic designer, director, and interdisciplinary theatre artist based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Starting in the theatre as an actor, he has performed with venues both in New England and across the country. After several years performing, he shifted his focus into design and direction, collaborating with companies including: Barrington Stage Company, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Hub Theatre Company of Boston, Stagewright Films, and Portsmouth Public Media TV. This is his first season with Break a Leg Theater Works, serving as the scenic designer and technical director for Peter Pan JR and 42nd Street. Justin is a rising junior at Suffolk University, where he is pursuing a BA in theatre with a focus in design and direction. For more information on his work, visit