Break a Leg Theater Works
Bringing Broadway & Hollywood to the youth of the South Shore.
We connect youth from the South Shore community and beyond with experienced Broadway and Hollywood talent.
From brilliant musical productions to exceptional technical training and master classes, our engaging curriculum is designed to empower students to lead on and off the stage.

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Face-to-Face with Broadway

Get world-class theatrical training from top Broadway & Hollywood professionals

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Benefit from private coaching & individualized training to meet your child's needs

A Loving Community

Help your child boost self-confidence in a supportive, inclusive community

Enriching the lives of 200+ students and families.

Join a community where young performers can connect and create. Our dynamic programming, master classes with Broadway & Hollywood professionals, and full-scale theatrical productions are designed to not only foster growth as a performing artist, but also encourage teamwork and friendship.

Boomer DellSat, Mar 16, 2024

Break A Leg Theater Works — and I mean all of it: the people who run it, the people involved with it, the participants, the caregivers, the audiences…the entire BAL community! — is an amazing collection of people who welcome ALL and share their deep commitment to and passion for all things theater and performance. Bravo, BAL, you are FANTASTIC!

Kate VizenWed, Aug 23, 2023

We can not say enough about Break a Leg Theater Works and Kyle & Healy. They have taken a shy, yet eager young girl and given her confidence, stage presence and a LOVE (or passion in her words) for all things theater!! We adore being a part of the BAL family and look forward to many years to come!

Eleacia FredetteMon, Jan 23, 2023

Professional, positive, approachable, fun, caring, thoughtful, inclusive and dedicated! These are just a few words to describe Break A Leg. So glad we found this theatre group and thank you so much for bringing out the best in these kids and inspiring them in a supportive environment. Look forward to many more years! Kyle and Healy are the best! ❤️

Anne CalientoSun, Jan 22, 2023

Break a Leg is an amazing Theater Company. My daughter has been involved in BAL the last 7 years in almost everything they have offered. Shows, Master Classes, Movies, Cabaret's and private lessons. BAL tailors each experience to the individual child. They are hands on and amazing people to work with. The kids have also formed lifelong bonds with other kids from the South Shore. I can't say enough about BAL. Join now.

Nola KelleySun, Jan 8, 2023

Break a Leg Theater Works has been an amazing experience for my child and my entire family. The support of Kyle and Healy has helped my child to gain confidence and grow not only creatively but in other areas of life as well. There is truly a family that happens at Break a Leg, which is a testament to the positive and supportive environment Kyle and Healy have created. I highly recommend Break a Leg Theater Works!

Kristine MawThu, Jan 5, 2023

Break a Leg is an incredibly welcoming community that provides tremendous support to the kids that join their programs at any level. I'm so grateful that my daughter found BAL and was provided with so many opportunities to grow as a performer and individual.

Harry OhlsonThu, Jan 5, 2023

Break A Leg is a very welcoming company where everyone is accepted for just them. it has been such an honor and pleasure to be a part of BAL and i hope some people might join in the future because you will have an incredible experience here at BAL :)

Michelle RozendaalThu, Jan 5, 2023

Break a Leg has been the most fun, accepting, encouraging, nurturing home away from home for our kid. They have made great friends, their confidence has grown leaps and bounds and given them a place where they always look forward to spending time. Kyle and Healey a truly special way of making everyone they meet feel cared for and help everyone to believe in themselves. We can't say enough good things about them!

Rachel BabcockThu, Oct 14, 2021

Break a Leg deserves infinite stars. My son has grown so much as a performer and also as a human being because of Break a Leg Theater Works. From master classes with incredible Broadway talent, to cabarets in which each student is pushed in just the way they need to be pushed, to breathtaking musical theater, to rigorous personalized private coaching, college audition preparation and so much more— Students receive unparalleled experience in performing arts. And honestly, the very very best part of Break a Leg is the pure love and joy Kyle, Healy and their entire team cultivate. There are no egos. No divas. No one-upmanship. Break a Leggers love and respect and root for each other. They go to each other’s shows. They develop deep and lasting friendships. And it’s so very beautiful. I cannot wait to see these kids on big stages somewhere at some point …they’re incredible. Some of them will go on to make a life of performing in some capacity and some will not…but regardless they will have been changed for good by their BAL experience.

Dawn NewmanThu, Oct 14, 2021

My daughters favorite thing! Working with Kyle and Healy and all the great kids. They really make it awesome!

Cara GizziWed, Oct 13, 2021

There’s no place quite like it! Break a Leg is a fantastic youth theater organization that welcomes all kids with open arms. From new students to experienced performers, they have created a positive and inclusive performing arts community. We’ve loved every minute!

Janine SymesTue, Oct 12, 2021

Break A Leg Theater is an incredible theatre program our daughters participate in. They have enjoyed all the different opportunities they are afforded through the program from private coachings, to the Master classes, being part of musical theater productions and cabarets. Kyle and Healy are wonderful with the students meeting them where they are at and helping them to grow and fine tune their skills. When most theaters shut down for Covid, Kyle and Healy stepped up their game and held virtual classes to keep the students engaged. As restrictions started to lift they found a way to film the productions in a way that was safe but still allowed the group to pull off 3 great shows. Our daughter had a blast filming and performing in High School Musical Jr. With all of that said, most amazing part of BAL is the sense of family you feel when you join. Everyone from the staff to the parents and the students are wonderful and our girls have made so many wonderful friends. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get their child involved in theater.

Sherri SchmidtTue, Oct 12, 2021

An amazing Theater Group that made my children feel welcome and helped them shine. Kyle, Healey and Drew are so talented never cease to amaze. They are so kind and it shows how they genuinely care for the students. To top it all off the Break A Leg families make bonds that last forever! Highly recommend to all the families looking for an incredible experience and friendships for their child ❤️

Alyssa McgrawTue, Oct 12, 2021

Break a Leg Theater has been such an incredible experience for both of our kids! What we love the most is that there is a place for everyone regardless of what your experience is and they offer so many different types of experiences - master classes with Broadway stars, full scale musical productions, private coaching, cabaret shows and more! There are kids who have never stepped foot on stage or done an audition and then there are kids who are on their way to Broadway and they all work together so beautifully! Such a welcoming, loving group that teaches not only so many different aspects of performing arts but also character building and teamwork. Kyle and Healy are extraordinary teachers, directors and mentors - could not recommend this group any more! They are awesome!!

Meredith PetersonMon, Oct 11, 2021

So much more than just "The Little Theater That Could"! The training and opportunities they provide are unmatched. They bring out the best in all their students and give them the tools and confidence to pursue their dreams!

ChickisitMon, Oct 11, 2021

Break a Leg Theater is top notch. Kyle and Healy are the most welcoming and encouraging mentors around. No matter your child's age or skill level, they will become part of the family that is BAL. Whether it be a show or a Master Class, the opportunities to work with actual Broadway performers are priceless!! The productions are professional grade and offer each student an opportunity to bring their very best to the stage. I cannot say enough about Break a Leg. Simply the best around.

Sharon DecastroMon, Oct 11, 2021

My daughter was a part of BAL from almost their beginning. I gifted her a master class as a birthday gift and the rest is history. She is now studying for a BFA in Musical Theater. The voice coaching, monologue coaching, musicals, cabarets, exposure and direct training with top notch Broadway artists is unparalleled in our area. Kyle, Healy, and all of the BAL Family are so accepting, talented, professional, and driven in a wonderful way! Hands down a 10/10 performing arts training ground.

Annie JonesMon, Oct 11, 2021

I would give Break a Leg Theater Works 10 STARS if I could! I didn’t get a recommendation from adults when I heard about BAL, I got the recommendation straight from kids that experienced it! We are lucky to live in an area where there are lots of theatre options for kids but when I asked a bunch of them I was in a show with where should I send my daughters they all said hands down, “Break a Leg!!! Send your daughters to Break a Leg!! “ Kyle and Healy are two amazing humans that have built a strong reputation with BAL because they are absolutely great with the kids, are innovative with their programs and foster an environment of acceptance and inclusiveness. We are loyal Break a Leggers and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible theatre program!

Warren GibbonsMon, Oct 11, 2021

What a find! Break a Leg Theater has helped us win as parents. We hit the jackpot when we found Break a Leg Theater - an amazing, loving place to put your child, where they can be influenced for good by the most loving people. Our son has thrived at Break a Leg Theater. From master classes with current Broadway stars, to being welcomed into a warm, loving accepting community, to camps, musicals, private lessons, and even field trips to go see shows in Boston with talk-backs from the cast after the show. I don't write reviews often, but this place is special for all the right reasons.

Elba De OliveiraTue, Feb 18, 2020

Nice courtesy it's a plus will make my fav place to buy pizza

Dawn Andalft NewmanSun, Oct 27, 2019

Love this organization! Their kindness and fun in everything they do is appreciated!

Dennis WilliamsMon, Oct 7, 2019

Ok Folks. I normally don’t ultra recommend events/causes. BUT, I directly have observed the great work/value. Break a Leg is doing—-for stunning personal character development and learning enrichment...for the kids and primo entertainment for audiences. This is superb cause and top notch leadership/instruction complemented by regular active broadway actors volunteering to instruct as well❗️ Make this gem sparkle ❇️ w/$’s and all manner of support you can. And, buy an event ticket plus upcoming performance and experience first hand a full measure of satisfaction + enjoyment. Bravo, INDEED😎

Erin Jensen PaduckMon, Aug 19, 2019

Break a Leg Theater Works is phenomenal for so many reasons. My son, Colin just finished ‘Shrek the Musical’ and he had the time of his life! This was his first performance with BAL and he is already talking about the next one. Kyle and Healey are such kind hearted people who share their talent with all of these amazing kids. They not only put on top-notch performances but they have created a theater group that provides a nurturing, positive and creative environment where our kids can learn and grow. We are so looking forward to continuing the journey with Break a Leg!

Joel LeonardSat, Aug 17, 2019

Shrek The Musical is beyond amazing ! Awesome talented cast and crew. Don't miss this show !

Warren GibbonsTue, Jul 30, 2019

Break a Leg is very special to us. Our son Nolan Gibbons has grown so much from the positive influence and mentoring and loving friendships he has made here. Kyle and Healy are dedicated to the growth and development of every child and it really shows in the kids and families. The Broadway stars they bring in for master classes and camps are world class teachers and add a quality of experience we just can't get anywhere else. This is a very special place.

Kim Barber MiotMon, Jul 22, 2019

Amazing people, caring and thoughtful, inclusive and patient

Sharon DecastroThu, Feb 21, 2019

I can not say enough to praise the work done by Kyle, Healy, Drew and Company of Break A Leg Theater Works. I just reread my review from when my daughter first joined this amazing, professionally run, inclusive, family feel theater troupe. You will be amazed by their offerings and your child will grow in so many ways. We have experienced master classes with Broadway STARS, private coachings that are honest and push your child to their potential, and performance opportunities that are demanding and so well done!!!! My daughter is a Junior and will be applying to MT programs this fall. BAL has been a fantastic part of her training.

Kristen Mainero CantellaWed, Oct 31, 2018

Absolutely wonderful group to work with. The care they have for the students is unmatched. Highly recommend them even if your child has no previous experience or is shy. My daughter has gained so much confidence through working with them!

Tracey BoucherSat, Jun 30, 2018

We saw The Little Mermaid and were blown away by the professionalism and talent. The entire production was amazing, the singing, acting, and dancing was incredible, and we absolutely loved every minute. It was so clear how much work and dedication went into the show.

Camila DrozdSun, Jun 24, 2018

AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!! These kids are absolutely incredible. We saw Sunset Boulevard and The Little Mermaid and were blown away by the talent level of the kids, the charisma displayed and the overall quality of the production. Break A Leg’s founders, Healy and Kyle, along with the whole crew put their heart and soul into this and the results are so evident. Go see Break A Leg! It will put a smile on your face :)

Meredith Winship PetersonSun, Feb 4, 2018

Outstanding show! My daughter is taking a class and loves it!

Bill LeonardMon, Dec 18, 2017

Amazing staff and a tremendous Holiday show. Thanks

Dance Dreamworks Gmail AcctSat, Aug 19, 2017

I first met Kyle and Healy of Break a Leg when they were seeking a place to hold rehearsals, and utilized my dance studio space. They soon grew out of my studio, which clearly demonstrated the excellent quality of instruction they offer. With fast growth in student body, and numerous shows at top-notch venues, the professionalism is second to none. Kyle, Healy, and their students have been a pleasure to work and collaborate with on multiple occasions. They really take the time to explore the needs and talents of each student. The kids always seem happy and I've witnessed new friendships amongst the students.

Amanda SingrassiaSat, Aug 19, 2017

Break a Leg Theater is an exceptional youth organization. Healy and Kyle bring their diverse and professional backgrounds to students of all ages and skill levels. They provide unique opportunities throughout the year, and really bring out the best in each student. It is clear that they give everyone who walks through their door, the chance to shine. Their productions are superior to any other youth theater around, and you can see that their programming builds confidence for all of the participants. I highly recommend Break a Leg, whether new to theater or looking for an avenue to a professional career.

Christina Coyne RodriguesTue, May 23, 2017

This was my daughters first show with Break a Leg and she is already talking about the summer and next fall. Not only did she learn she much from them, her confidence has grown and she has made new friends. She walked into auditions last winter after meeting Kyle and Healy at a Master Class in Marshfield. As a mother I could never have imagined that she would walk into an audition not knowing anybody and join a cast of kids she didn't even know. She now talks about Kyle, Healy, and the rest of the staff and cast like she has known them forever. That alone is more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you all and I look forward to seeing her grow in so many ways over the next 4 years!!